This Manual is designed to assist and support parents as they embark on their journey of restoring their child’s health.  To most parents the journey will feel like sailing through unchartered waters in stormy weather hoping to reach a far off destination.  Most parents commence their journey with minimal sailing skills and feeling very doubtful if they will ever reach their destination.

They are given a map called Family Based Treatment (FBT) which is also foreign to them and outlines what seems to be very strange parenting practices that contradict many of their firmly held beliefs of parenting which prior to their child’s illness felt logical, comfortable, and served them well.

They are told that the journey will be intense and they will need to complete it quickly in order to give their child the best chance of reaching the destinationsafely and in good health.

The FBT journey is indeed difficult for most parents as their child will not want to travel the journey with them and will desperately try and sabotage their heroic efforts. 

Parents will need to put all their faith in the treatment and in their own abilities to get to the destination.  The journey is demanding and will require all their energy and internal resources. The greater the commitment to adhering to the FBT map without straying off course, the greater their chance of reaching the destination.

Most parents complete the journey despite all the obstacles and stormy weather along the way.  When they reach their destination they are grateful that their healthy child they once knew has returned.  Their life can now return to normality. All parents say that this journey was the most difficult thing they have ever done in their life. 

Only parents have the determination and courage to complete this journey because it is their love for, and bond with their child that will give them the stamina to succeed.


It is possible to survive FBT.

Family Based Treatment is the best evidenced based treatment for adolescent anorexia nervosa but just like medicine it needs to be administered correctly.  This book will teach you how to administer FBT and survive the intensity of the treatment. The informationprovided is essential if you are to ensure your child’s recovery. Some of the topics covered will help you understand

Why it is so hard for your child to eat

It clearly explains why it is so difficult for your child to eat, therefore giving you a greater understanding of what your child is going through. 

 What your child needs to eat

It gives you clear guidance what your child needs to eat for a quick recovery

The tricks of anorexia uses to throw you off track

The information keeps you one step ahead of the anorexia so you get to your goal quicker so that your child is back and your life can return to normality. 

How to manage your Child’s distress & Anxiety

And most importantly why your child needs YOU to recover

It explains why without you and your love and support the job cannot be done!