About the Book

Family Based Treatment (FBT) is viewed as the gold standard in treating adolescent Anorexia Nervosa and it currently produces the best evidence based outcomes. However the treatment is intensive and many parents commence unprepared despite their courage and willingness to take on the task of refeeding their ill child to health. Parents have desperately asked for more information to help them understand anorexia’s grip on their child and to survive the intensity of the treatment. 

This skills based manual clearly explains the treatment and provides invaluable information regarding every component of the treatment.  It outlines the obstacles and all the anorexic behaviours that will impede treatment and recovery.  The aim of this manual is to ensure that parents remain one step ahead of Anorexia and ensure that they “hit the ground running”. 

This book is a valuable resource for parents commencing FBT and for parents struggling during treatment.  This book offers clear practical advice and empowers parents to confront anything the illness throws at them.  It is also an invaluable resource for clinicians and will help them guide their families through treatment. 


  • What’s in the book

The book covers every aspect of the unfamiliar territory of FBT commencing with understanding what anorexia is and its impact on your child’s body and your family; what FBT is; and outlines the importance of having the support of a specialist clinical team during treatment.

The book will help you understand why it is so hard for your child to eat; what and how much your child needs to eat given that many parents find refeeding extremely difficulty.

The book identifies the anorexic behaviours that impede recovery and provides tips to help you stay on task and one step ahead of the anorexia.

The book also talks about parental unity and how you should emotionally respond to your child and provides a useful list of resources.

There is further information about managing your child’s distress and anxiety and provides many successful distractions which parents have found useful during treatment.


  • How the book came about

Over the years of treating and researching Anorexia Nervosa, many parents have continuously asked me for more information to help them understand anorexia’s grip on their child and also to understand how to help their unwell child recover.

This manual was born from those requests and has been written specifically for parents who are undertaking Family Based Treatment for Anorexia Nervosa with their adolescent child. It is based on knowledge gathered from many years of practical experience and research on what makes treatment successful including what parents can do, and must do, to promote their child’s recovery.


  • Who can use the book

FOR PARENTS – The book is primarily for parents. It provides all the information you need prior to commencing treatment and information you can utilise during treatment. It is also a good reference guide when parents feel stuck during treatment.

FOR CLINICIANS – The book is also invaluable for clinicians to help them guide their families through the treatment.